How long will therapy take?

I wish I could answer that question, but the length of treatment depends on many factors. Some clients feel they have gotten what they need after several months of therapy, while others have experienced many years of distress and need more time to heal. Most of my clients work with me for at least six months. What I do know is that I will check in with you regarding our progress regularly and you will be in charge of how long we work together. While I will make recommendations based on my experience, the ultimate decision is yours.

How often will we meet?

I meet with most clients weekly or biweekly. In general, I find it can be difficult to make progress if there is more than two weeks between sessions and progress typically occurs more quickly with weekly sessions. At the start of treatment, we will work together to balance what is best for your treatment with what will fit best into your life.

I’d like to try couples therapy but my partner is unsure or resistant. What should I do?

This is a common situation; it is not unusual for one family member to feel ready for treatment before the other. I recommend asking your partner to attend the intake session without making any commitment beyond that. I find that people often experience the first session as more rewarding and less uncomfortable than they had imagined, and committing to one hour is much different than committing to a course of treatment. At the end of the first session we will make a decision together about how to proceed. When you speak with your partner, try to speak from your own perspective using “I” statements rather than “you” statements (e.g., “I’m having a really hard time in our marriage and I really want to try couples therapy because I care about you and our relationship” vs. “We need therapy. Your anger is out of control and I can’t do it anymore”).