Couples Therapy

I practice Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples. EFT is an evidence-based approach that has been shown to lead to profound and lasting improvements in relationships by numerous research studies over the last 30 years. Research indicates that of couples who have completed a course of EFT, 90% report significant improvements in their relationships and 70-75% report experiencing “recovery.” Using EFT, I guide couples through a process that helps partners understand their own reactions and their partner’s reactions more clearly. Once we have developed this understanding, I work to help both partners communicate about their experiences in a manner that leads to greater connection rather than distance even during the most difficult conversations. I’ve seen this treatment work time and again with couples in all stages of life and at all levels of distress and I’m thrilled to be able to offer this approach to my clients.

What to Expect

Assessment and Treatment Planning:

I begin couples therapy with a comprehensive relationship assessment. Prior to our first meeting, I will ask both of you to complete a brief questionnaire to help me understand where you both are as you enter therapy.  During the first appointment, I will meet with both of you to learn about your relationship and your reasons for seeking help. Next, I will meet with each of you individually to better understand what it’s like to walk in each of your shoes in the relationship. During these individual sessions, I will also ask about prior experiences that have shaped you both in an out of your relationship. Following these appointments, I will use the information you’ve shared to develop an understanding of the patterns that are getting in the way of connection as well as those that are strengthening your relationship. During our fourth session, we will meet together again and I will share this conceptualization with you.


During the treatment phase I will ask about interactions that have led to distress, and we will work on seeing these interactions in a different light and communicating about your perspectives in a manner that brings you closer together. Typically, couples begin with weekly sessions and move to seeing me biweekly or monthly as their relationship strengthens. The duration of treatment varies considerably depending on the nature and severity of the issues and a couple’s commitment to treatment. I check in with couples frequently during the treatment phase to ensure that we are on the same page about your needs.